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Grains, Cerals, Pastas, Canned goods, Sweets, Beverages. Carefully selected ingredients do ensure the sucess of each meal.


It's all very fresh and coming straight from the farm. Extensive variety of fruits and vegetables checked daily, and with good taste.

Frozen Goods

Beef, Pork meat, Chicken, various types of fish and seafood. Meat, poultry and seefood are always the best choice available.

Bonded Store

We have a wide variety of private products, including cigarettes, alcoholic and soft drinks, chocolates and assorted foods.

Deck & Cabin

We use ISSA and IMPA codes to identify and combine all items for successfull delivery the equipment and material request on board.

Safety store

We can supply and make inspection of all safety equipment and devices available on the market according to the current standard.

Supplies and Inspections

Whether you are looking for nautical supplies for a merchat ship, cruise ship or offshore, Frank Marine Supply can help you 24 hours a day.
Inspection of Liferaft, Lifeboat, Davitt, Fire extinguished etc.
Charts and Publications, Flag, Navigations instruments, routing graphs, log books, BHS GPS, UHF radio.
Spare Parts, tools, filters, stationary
Navigation Equipment, PPE, Salvage, Oil containment booms, Foam, Librificants etc.

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