We have vast experience in ShipChandler, we offer high quality products and our prices are always competitive

But what really differentiates is that, for us, everything matters.

Our goal is to solve your problem, whatever it is. Just trigger us, at any time, that we take responsability immediately and start moving to deliver the best solution

The focus of our work is to streamline each operation and facilitate the manoeuvre of our customers which are diverse: offshore, dreeters, oil tankers, bulk carrier, container ships, tug boats etc.

Our mission is is to be available 24 hours a day to assist our customers in their operations. Delivering products and services quickly and assertively.

The profile of the people who make up our team and the way each of them works have built an excellent reputation

  • A teammade up of people who understand the urgency in the shipping industry and the impossibility of error in the supply.
  • Professionals with diverse skills who came from various branches of shipping companies (Shipping Agency, Maritime Support, Ship Chandler, equipment and spare parts trading).
  • The use of integrated management system and all available technologies to provide the best service.